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Nguyen Coffee Supply Review

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Nguyen Coffee Supply

Written by | Jeff Ajango
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Published: 2021/09/10 1:53 PM

The world of coffee is changing at an alarming rate and now we have Nguyen Coffee Supply; a thing that seemed impossible and perhaps still is considered impossible by some.

There are three Nguyen Coffee Supply blends, I think to choose from so in this Nguyen Coffee Supply review, we will talk about all of them!.

I spent the last 17 years of my coffee career trying to make coffee taste as good as possible. And I try to do so in what I hope is
an ethical way because I love coffee. Want to know more about Nguyen Coffee Supply?; Let’s taste it out!.

A lot of you have been asking me to do Nguyen Coffee Supply Review and a big taste test to tell you which is the best instant coffee.

But to be honest, I was pretty reluctant to do that and I’ll tell you why, later on this blog because this time we’re going to drink Nguyen Coffee Supply.

Get some water, sugar and a pack of Nguyen Coffee Supply ready before you actually start reading this blog. But it’s okay if you don’t have it now! I will show you where to get the best and fresh Nguyen Coffee Supply in this review.

I know Vietnam for many things but this time, Nguyen Coffee Supply wins.

The other time I shouted; Coffee Beans! And everyone replied; Brazil!. Most people think of Brazil, Columbia and other countries as the top of coffee bean production. But do you know Vietnam is the world’s second largest producer of coffee beans?.

Yes; Vietnam has been producing the best range of this delicious drink for a very long time. As a matter of fact, data of the US Department of Agriculture, Vietnam were expected to produce 32.2 million bags of 60 kg of coffee between 2019-2020!.

This number is likely to increase because of people staying at home and wanting more coffee. One of the best brewed supplies in Vietnam is the brand called NGUYEN Coffee Supply.

I’m here to give you the best of both worlds by giving you quick tips of Nguyen Coffee Supply before you try it out for yourself.

Nguyen Coffee Supply is a cherry on top or the icing on the cake of all the Vietnam coffees. And there’s no right or wrong way to drink Nguyen Coffee Supply!.

Origin and History of Nguyen Coffee Supply.

The Nguyen Coffee Supply brand is founded by a filmmaker Sarah Nguyen and is one of the few roasters in the country to offer Robusta coffee.

But what is the meaning of the name “Nguyen Coffee Supply“?. Nguyen is the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, who fled their country after the Vietnam War, and were settled in Boston where she was born and raised.

Nguyen coffee supply offers uniquely bold beans with twice the caffeine content and twice the antioxidant content. It is 60% less in fat and sugar than a regular Arabica coffee.

This bold supply of Coffee comes directly from fourth-generation coffee farmers in Da Lat, the central highland region of Vietnam.

Nguyen Coffee Supply Products

But how does Nguyen Coffee Supply taste like and how do you make a perfect cup?.

This product comes in three delicious flavored blends; Loyalty, True Grit, and Moxy. Let’s take a look at these blends..


As you may tell from the name, it’s indeed true to its grit. This bean blend will be the one that gives you a whole body experience with a single sip!. Being a Peaberry Robusta, there is nothing stronger than this contender.

If you believe in the authentic hard punch of caffeine, from a friend to a friend, this one is for you.


Being tested and loved by countless people, this coffee is a 50/50 blend of Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee beans. It has 25% higher caffeine content than 100% Arabica coffee alone.

When you open the pack, and if you can successfully keep your eyes open as the first punch of smokey almonds, caramel and coca hit your nose, you will be able to see different types of coffee beans in the package.

The delicious and bold taste of Loyalty from holding hands with the lightness of Arabica and the distinct touch of Robusta, which are roasted to perfection – this will be all the loyalty you need in your life.


This blend holds it all. Being collected with care from different and best farms in Vietnam, this rare specialty bean is born.

Being smooth and flavorful in one thing, but being smooth and fruity without the acidic taste punching your throat, that’s what Moxy is all about. One sip of coffee made out of these beans will take you to the delicate wonderland of berries, honey, and chocolate; you won’t be able to keep the cup down.

Health Benefits of Nguyen Coffee Supply.

With the smell that compels people to at least take a sip even when they are not a coffee lover, there are many advantages of choosing Robusta bean over the basic arabica.

I guess you know someone who swears by that nothing can beat Arabica; but the reason related to your health will be enough to change your mind.

Robusta coffee is the second most popular coffee in the world. It can grow at different altitudes and is largely immune to all diseases that can affect Arabica tree species. It’s called Robusta because it is a more powerful version of Arabica.

It has strong disease resistance because its seeds contain twice the caffeine of Arabica varieties. This bean is beneficial for asthma, atropine poisoning, fever, flu, headache, jaundice, malaria, migraine, narcosis, nephrosis, opium poisoning, sores, and vertigo.

It just doesn’t stop here! Did someone say weight loss? Well, guess who paves the way.

Nguyen Coffee Supply for weight lose.

People who are passionate about fitness and health love Robusta beans!. This is partly due to excess caffeine and partly to the incredible antioxidants found in the safe bean of all, Robusta. It also contain 25 to 80% of more chlorogenic acid (CGA) than the regular Arabica beans.

Like most antioxidants, CGA can greatly reduce both internal and external inflammation. It can help relieve joint pain, skin problems, lose weight, and even prevent diabetes!.

In this Nguyen Coffee Supply Review, we won’t try to cover things up; Arabica indeed has many benefits as well, but Robusta being the different core to the coffee bean world, it just multiplies everything good that Arabica has and reduces everything bad like sugar and fat up to 60% making it great for weight loss.

Vietnamese coffee is more than just production!. Much of the economy is concentrated on growing and processing high quality coffee for export. For this reason, the locals adapted to drinking coffee soon after the production started.

Nowadays, Vietnamese coffee is not only the name of its origin but also a way of brewing and drinking coffee – it’s the whole process.

You’ll need Phin Filters to brew Nguyen Coffee Supply!.

Phin Filter are the most important elements of Vietnamese coffee. They know the magic spell that goes into the cup!.

The Vietnam Phin filter is the most widely used coffee brewing tool in Vietnam. Because of its simplicity and convenience. These Filters make it easy to prepare coffee for your busy mornings.

The classic French press requires precise timing, but why invest time when we have a better way?!.

How to brew the Nguyen Coffee Supply

Unlike every other review; our Nguyen Coffee Supply Review leaves no room empty!. Want to know the perfect way to brew this aromatic coffee? We have got your back.

  1. To brew the coffee in the best way, fill the Phin filter with hot water, and then, it’s showtime. Add 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds in the filter – don’t forget to smile!.
  2. Drop the filter press on top of the coffee. Remember not to use too much force. If you use much force, the coffee powder may overly compacted and will negatively affect the brewing process!.
  3. Then put the inner filter on the grounds and gently press it until you feel the crack of Doritos.
  4. The secret ingredient is condensed milk. Pour the condensed milk into a glass and it’s time to place the Phin filter on top of it.
  5. Pour about 30 ml of boiling water into the filter to make the coffee frost. I know you would want to, but please don’t stir at all.
  6. Then add the remaining boiling water (200ml) and close the lid so that it can drip down into the cup of condensed milk.
  7. Guess what is next? Yes! Now you can stir. Make the coffee with condensed milk and taste the heaven in your cup.

Note: If everything is done right, the first drip should happen before 2 minutes. And the last one would take 5 minutes at maximum. The rest is an experience for you to enjoy.

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