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What is Wp-mega-plugin ?

Wp-mega-plugin is an all in one WordPress plugin that comes with tons of features from website security to customization. Having multiple plugins on your site doesn’t only slow down your site performance, but they can also make it a bit harder to manage your entire website. This is why we developed Wp-mega-plugin with supper cool features so you can customize your site with confidence from a single plugin.

Plugins makes it easier to add code snippets to WordPress sites and unfortunately, plugins are the number one reason for website slowness and bad performance. Deciding which plugin to keep and which one to remove is yet another trouble as each plugin does a specific job on your site.
We developed Wp-mega-plugin with all the above problems in mind and we will continue to add more features to this plugin.

With Wp-mega-plugin, you can easily add custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or any code snippet to your site head, body or footer in just a click. It comes with Google speed insights embedded, which allows you to easily test your website speed, performance and SEO score right on your dashboard with advance customization suggestions by Google.
Wp-mega-plugin also comes with AL chat bot with complete source code allowing you to own the bot fully and customize it the way you want.

An optional fully responsive header menu and footer as you see on this website. Through the plugin’s dashboard, you can easily switch between your default header or footer or disable them when needed

Make column clickable  is a feature that allows you to make any column clickable!. You can easily add links to your blog or post grid and any column to make them clickable. That is about seven plugins in just one plugin.

Hackers Hate This !

The bad guys are always at the lookout for any website to test their hacking skills regardless of the size or level of your site. Back in the days, we used to scare them away with complicated passwords, but not entirely these days .

Unfortunately, a strong password may not stop an experience hacker from tempering or gaining access to your site so far as your site login page is available. The login page is the main entry point for both you  and intruders. They will often guess your passwords many times until they get the correct one and if that doesn’t help, they go for the killer technique; password breaker.

This plugin can put a stop to all these by limiting the number of login attempts at a time. You can even set to hide the login page after a certain number of failed login attempts! or block the intruder permanently or for sometime.  And of cause, you can also deny specific IP addresses or emails. All settings have custom messages and real-time notifications you can display to the user; this is where you can scare them away.

How does the Wp-mega-plugin work?

The first time you install this plugin, you will noticed a great change both front-end and back-end.

By the default, the plugin will disable any header and footer on your site and give you a custom header and footer similar to the one on this site. If you want to keep your site’s default header and footer as they were, simply navigate to the plugin’s dashboard  and set it from there

If you decide to use the Plugin’s Header menu and Footer, you will need to customize them and add your links accordingly. You are required to have a basic knowledge of HTML to customize the Header and Footer however, we may assist you on this without extra charges depending on what you want changed.

Gives you a custom JavaScript chatbot

The plugin comes with an AL chatbot integrated with cool features.  The chatbot is developed using JavaScript, PHP, HTML5 and CSS. Whenever someone had a chat with the bot, it automatically sends you the chat transcript, email address of the user, the user IP address and location.

Kindly watch the video to learn more about all features of the chatbot

Chat Transcript And Email List

Once there’s a chatbot on a website, we always want to know who said what. This plugin doesn’t only send you chat transcript, but it also sends you details of the client including client name and email address! If you are a blogger, an email marketer or someone who wants to grow your email list, then this plugin will help you do just that.

Remember; you will need to customize the chatbot according to your needs. And to do that, you will need to have a some knowledge in HTML, JavaScript and PHP! While we do offer some free customization for our clients, we do not offer free customization for the chatbot. You may be charged extra if you want our developers to customize the chatbot for you. How much you pay depends on what you want done.

Google speed insights right on your dashboard

Website performance is a very crucial part for every website especially these days where competition for ranking is so high. The only way to push your website forward in search results is to make sure your site is well customized and perform well on all devices. But  how do you check the performance of your site across devices?

There are several platforms that allows you to test your website performance across devices. Unfortunately, most of these platforms are not free.

Today you can easily customize and test your website overall performance across mobile and desktop device right on your dashboard for free. This plugin uses the Google speed insight API to test your site performance, Accessibility, Best Practice and SEO. It then shows you what needs your attention and how to score high or improve your site performance

Insert Code to Head Body or Footer

This multi-functional plugin also allows you to easily inject or add any code snippet to any section of your site. When editing a live site, there’s no room for mistakes; this plugins comes with a beautiful code editor that allows you to insert any JavaScript, PHP, CSS or HTML with confidence.

The code editor is equipped width all the necessary settings and immediately notify you once there’s a typo. When adding code, remember to wrap it with the appropriate tag. All JavaScript  code should be wrapped within a <script> </script>  tag and CSS should be wrapped within a <style> </style> tag

Make column clickable

Column clickable is a feature that allows you to add links to columns and make them clickable. You can easily add a link to a post grid or column and when someone click on it, they will be taken to the specified URL provided.

This feature will only work if you have Elementor  installed.

Get Started With The Wp-mega-pluginToday

Choose your preferred version; we will handle the rest of the hard-work

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Pricing Explained

Free Plan

The free version of the plugin allows you to add extra security to your site by monitoring the login page and making sure no one exceeds the failed login attempt. You can set how many attempts are allowed before a user is blocked or deny access to your site.

The Email Send Limit  option gives you the power to fight spam by blocking a user’s email after sending a specified number of emails. This means that no one can send you emails more than the specified number set.

If you want full protection for your site, we encourage you to download the Pro version

Premium Plan

Hackers hate it! Wp-mega-plugin Pro version comes with cool and advanced features that takes security of your site to the next level while making sure your site get the best combination of other premium features.

This option is perfect for  E-commerce, personal or business websites  and bloggers who wants to grow their email list.  Here is a video introduction if you want to learn more about the Plugin


Subscription Plan

Wp-mega-plugin Subscription Plan is for agencies or anyone who wants to use the plugin on multiple domains. Once you install the plugin on your client’s site, we take care of any further customization your client may need.

Our free customization for this Plan includes redesigning and configuring the Navigation menu and Footer according to the client’s needs.

Why should you use this Plugin?

Multiple plugins means multiple HTTP requests and Google really hate this. While having a lot of plugins can significantly affect your site performance, it also makes it harder to manage your website especially,  when something is wrong with your site, it’s hard to tell which plugin is responsible for problem.

This single plugin can definitely be a replacement of up to seven plugins without complicating the structure of your site!  With this plugin, you will have a cleaner dashboard and not worrying  about keeping a child theme when customizing your site.

With Wp-mega-plugin, you are confident of vissually good page and posts in design. Using your favorite code editor, you can easily create custom elements or addtionall css for your WordPress site and customize it to your needs without keeping a child theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, download and install the plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you should see new menu list at the left side of your WordPress dashboard. The plugin has its own dashboard where you can manage all its settings. If you need any help, you can always read the documentation by clicking on the "Read the Instruction" at the top of the dashboard.

We have dedicated developers ready at all time!. Just let us know what you want done. If you have some designs in mind you would like to add to your site, kindly talk to us.

No! it doesn't necessarily has to be a WordPress site; We can help you integrate the features of this plugin into a none WordPress website.

The chatbot is a very light JavaScript base application. It's not build on any platform.

No way! all changes made to your site through this plugin is persistent after theme update unless you explicitly delete them from the plugin

Definitely; your website is completely safe with this plugin.

We have got the answers!
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