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What does the IntelChatBot do?

IntelChatBot makes sure your site gets its dream design with custom reusable components. It also gives you the chance to manipulate you site and add custom codes and elements. This single plugin comes with four major functions; It gives you the chance to completely remove your site default header menu and create a custom header from scratch, It add an amazing custom JavaScript chat bot to your site(with source code!), Gives you a custom footer and the ability to make columns clickable.

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Pricing Explained

Free Plan

With the free version,you can only use the plugin on one website. This plan allows you to download the plugin with basic footer and header structure.

To customize the header and footer, you should have some coding or design skills to do this.  This plugin allows you to add your own HTML, CSS and JavaScript to your website.You can create your own header or navigation menu from scratches using this plugin.

To have a full access to this plugin functionality, you have to buy the premium version. This allows you to have a free chatbot with source code. You can customize the bot how you like and take full control over the source code.

Premium Plan

The premium version comes with a free responsive header menu, footer and a chatbot with complete source code.  You can still customize them as you like. The “Make column clickable” is a function used with the elementor editor to add links to columns. If you want us to help you with customization, simply contact us.

Subscription Plan

When you buy the Subscription plan, we take care of the rest of the job. If you want to customize your header menu, footer or any part of your website, we will handle that part.

This plan is good for agencies who work with multiple clients.

How does the IntelChatBot work?

Gives you a custom JavaScript chatbot

Whether you are a newbie or someone with a programming skills, IntelChatBot offers you something great.  It gives you a custom JavaScript chatbot with the entire source code.

This means the chatbot becomes your own property so there are no limitations on how you want to customize and style the Application.

The App is fully responsive across all screen sizes with the default css, but if you want to add more styles or features, all you need to do is open the source code in your favorite code editor, add your own code and update the App; that’s all.

If you don’t know how to code, we will be more than happy to assist on that as well.

Adds a custom navigation menu and footer

Adding custom codes and elements to WordPress websites has never been easier especially for the non-tech or newbies.

The only way for a custom code or style to survive a theme update is to have a child theme.

However, with IntelChatBot, you can easily add your own custom header menu and footer to your website without a child theme.

This means that, you can now customize your header or navigation menu and footer without having to worry about losing anything after a theme update.

If you would rather to create your own navigation menu or footer from scratch instead, then you will love this Application

Make column clickable

If you are a WordPress developer, hen you should know what it mean by clickable columns. Make columns clickable is a function that allows you add links to columns.

To add a link to any column or element, simply click on the column and the box to add a link will show up. Next, past the URL of the target location in the box.

If you are not familiar to this function, kindly watch the video guide above.

Why should you use this Plugin?

You can easily customize a WordPress theme or plugin, but anytime you update the theme or the plugin, all your changes will be gone forever. The only efficient way to customize a WordPress theme without losing anything after theme update is to have a child theme.

The problem is, child themes can slow down your website speed because as your website loads, the parent and child theme need to communicate with each other to determine if there are any changes you made and when to apply those changes.

This can decrease  the performance of your website. Another thing to keep in mind is that,  a child theme is almost a copy of the parent theme; so if the parent theme is about 1 gigabyte, the child theme will about 98% of the same space. That’s a lot of space.

With IntelChatBot, you are confident of vissually good page and posts in design. Using your favorite code editor, you can easily create custom elements or addtionall css for your WordPress site and customize it to your needs without keeping a child theme. This plugin also offer you a free amazing chatbot with the complete source code. You can easily customize this chatbot the way you want as you have full access to the source code.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to create your own unique footer, header or any template for your website, all you need to do is to install this plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you can open the plugin files and navigate to the HTML file and add your HTML code from there. You can then navigate to the CSS file and add a style. If you are confused, simply contact us and tell us what you want done. We will help you out.

We have a dedicated developers ready at all time!. Just tell us what you want done. If you have some designs in mind you would like to add to your site, kindly talk to us.

This plugin is for people who want to create their own templates or elements from scratches. On WordPress, it's hard to code templates from scratches unless you want to have a child theme otherwise your hard work will be gone forever whenever you update the theme. If your website is not a WordPress website, you can still download this plugin and benefit from its amazing chatbot. If you want the chatbot separately, we can send you the complete source code.

The chatbot is a very light JavaScript base application. It's not build on any platform.

It depends on where you do your customization. If you customize your theme in this plugin, you can update your theme without losing anything. You can easily add custom codes or css to your website through this plugin files.

If you go through the files of this plugin, you will see that there's no rule to access your website database. The plugin has all the necessary security setting that prevent people from direct access. So yes, your site is safe as we don't collect sensitive data from it.

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Customer Surport

We have a great customer service. We follow best practice like valuing our customers time, pleasant attitude and provide knowledgeable and resourceful resources. We also take things a step further to exceed.

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