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Waka Coffee Review

Written by | Jeff Ajango
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Published: 3/09/2021

Waka Coffee… Wake up for instant Coffee! Let’s be honest; how do you feel whenever you wake up so late, rushing to go to work and still desperate for that morning cup of tea? Or you find yourself without a coffee machine yet you just function without drinking coffee?

You would probably mark that day down and use it to curse enemies. Well, Wake Coffee is here! You can now have a cup of tea in less than 20 seconds. How fast is that. Unlike other coffees; you can make yourself a perfect cup of Waka Coffee from anywhere at any time.

You don’t need a Coffee Machine to prepare Waka Coffee and you really don’t have to go crazy calculating the amount of Coffee or milk to add; Waka Coffee is an instant Coffee with just the right mix. All you need is hot water.

I’m a Coffee lover and I try things so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on a wrong Coffee product. I did a great test of Waka Coffee last week, so I’m here with a full Waka Coffee’s guide. Let’s see how to make yourself a perfect cup of tea.


Waka Coffee is a very high quality instant Coffee and I will tell you why. I owe a Coffee shop so I like to test and experiment all types of Coffee brands and Coffee Machines. My customers kept asking me to do a test on Waka Coffee to tell them which instant coffee brand is best. For this reason, I bought the Coffee from a company called Waka and did the test.

Waka Coffees are 100% Arabica freeze-dried Columbian. There were eight of them in a little box and inside the box was also a card that says “Hi Jeff, thank you so much for trying our new instant coffee. Please let us know your thoughts. We hope you enjoy it”.

Most of the instant coffee companies use leftover barrel coffee beans that are left at the bottom to make instant coffee. This is why many people complain about their instant coffee being unflavored or tasting burnt. However, the real question is, does it really have to taste this way? Why can’t instant coffee taste as good as usual coffee?

Maybe this is what David Kovalevski was thinking when he founded Waka Coffee. So why should instant coffee be considered a byproduct of high-quality coffee? Why can’t it taste as good as the best freshly brewed coffee? Waka Coffee’s mission is to make it easy to enjoy coffee wherever you are. It should also be as great as coffee grounds. For this to happen, you have to use good coffee beans.

Top Waka Coffee Blends.

Waka Coffee has launched three types of instant coffee. There are multiple purchase options for each. They have a large box with eight packs per bag. It also offers three small packs, and 3.5-ounce – 8-ounce bags.

We have all grown up loving the environment and all the respect for our farmers. If the entire value chain is sustainable, respected, and traceable, then coffee can only be a specialty coffee. Hence, our Waka Coffee Review shows how Waka coffee supports these morals. From almost entirely recyclable packaging to the upcoming fair trade and organic certification, they have kept it all safe. Therefore, this is good proof of Waka Coffee’s efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Waka Coffee Aid the environment:

They also pay reasonable wages to workers involved in the production of delicious coffee beans. In the end, Waka Coffee meets the basic requirements of specialty coffee while being the best it can be.

If that isn’t enough, 4% of the profits earned when people buy Waka Coffee is donated to charities. Water was chosen as the recipient of all donations. This helps solve the water crisis in poor countries and prevents it from becoming a more serious problem.

The score of coffee beans is not the only difference. The instant coffee brewing method is also different. Waka Coffee’s main promise is to easily make coffee anywhere without sacrificing flavor. For this reason, using only the best quality coffee does not make instant coffee delicious. Waka Coffee uses a unique process to preserve the flavor of the coffee beans.

To your surprise, the method that Waka coffee uses is the method of freezing. They freeze the coffee first in order to pack the aroma. It is packed effectively by vacuumed packing. This process gives birth to the sublimation of frozen coffee beans. This prevents the re-extraction of the coffee and reduces the bitterness and sourness that can be caused by the heating process.

The last element of this coffee is here to make the Waka Coffee Review special. Unlike other instant coffee companies, Waka Coffee is a coffee that does not contain color or volume additives, or fillers. It’s hard to imagine 100% coffee taste in instant coffee, but here Waka coffee offers it.

Flavor Profiles.

Now that we are done talking about how Waka Coffee is different, let’s talk about its flavors. For anyone hooked on this coffee, Waka Coffee Review is here to blow you up with three delicious blends.

Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee, Colombian

Colombian blend coffee is a classic choice for coffee lovers. Soft and balanced instant coffee, but with moderate sweetness and bitterness. Colombian coffee is known for its smoothness and balance, and both are faithfully presented in this mix of instant coffee. So, if you are in the mood for some Colombian mix to your instant coffee mix, this one is for you.

Waka Coffee Decaffeinated Quality Instant Coffee: Colombian

For the people who don’t like the punchy caffeine, the decaffeinated Colombian flavor blend maintains the balanced flavor of the caffeine-free Colombian flavor. The taste is soft and sweet due to the lack of caffeine. There is nothing better on the market than Waka decaf instant coffee. Goon, try it for yourself.

Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee, Indian

Waka Coffee Review is here to give you the best part. This blend is the best choice. Indian coffee is generally harder than Colombian blends. However, instant coffee is roasted with light roasting to preserve most of its aroma. Because of this procedure, this blend hits different.

 This unique blend has a refreshing aftertaste that is surprisingly attractive to both mild and rich coffee lovers. Waka Coffee Indian is the perfect instant coffee that combines delicate and rich flavors all in your one cup of coffee.

Waka Coffee; Let’s wake up for an instant coffee! Let’s be honest; how do you feel when you wake up so late, rushing to go to work and still desperate for that morning cup of coffee? Or you find yourself without a coffee machine yet you just can’t function without drinking coffee? For most people, thinking about brewing a coffee makes them go wild.

Special offer:

For those who buy a lot of instant coffee. There are options for you. With Waka Coffee, you can sign up for the plan and get fresh instant coffee packs every month.

How to make it?

It is not difficult to make instant coffee, right? One of the main advantages of instant coffee is that it can be brewed easily. So, pour the contents of a serving bag and add about 8-10 ounces of hot water. Stir a little and wait at least 15 seconds for the coffee to settle and enjoy your cup. This is one of the main benefits of drinking instant coffee. It is easy to make and can be used anywhere.

Benefits of Wake Instant Coffee:

Apart from aiding the world in the water crisis through 4% profit, there are many other benefits with Wake Coffee. Instant coffee is washed immediately. Meaning the use of less water, less soap, and less time. Considering that Waka coffee packaging is environmentally friendly. In this way, the waste coffee it produces will not exceed the minimum amount required.

Best Waka Coffee subscription:

We have transferred the subscription model provided by Waka Coffee. This not only makes it easier to drink coffee each month, but it also saves you money.

Large packets of Waka instant coffee are even cheaper, at around $ 0.71 per serving for small packs and $ 0.49 per serving for large packs. It is very inexpensive, especially if you choose the subscription option.

All in all, Waka Coffee brings you the best instant coffee, Eco-friendly packaging, which is very beneficial for our planet and your finances. The company’s efforts to produce sustainable, environmentally friendly, and affordable high-quality instant coffee are commendable.


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