Best Vietnamese coffee guide – Great To Know These Tips

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Best Vietnamese coffee guide

Written by | Jeff Ajango
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Published: 14/09/2021

Best Vietnamese coffee guide

Vietnamese coffee guide

I started my coffee career about 13 years ago. Though I’m not a coffee roaster, I love to experiment with coffee. I think it’s a dream of every coffee lover to test every coffee at some point.

Most of the coffee brands in the market today are fairly new so it’s a good idea to search and ask coffee lovers how these new brands taste like, and how to make the perfect cup. So here’s a quick guide to Vietnamese Coffee, if you’re new to it.

Origin of Vietnamese coffee.

In Vietnam, the world’s second-largest coffee producer, coffee is an important part of daily life. Do you know it was the French who brought coffee to Vietnam in the 19th century?.

Although Coffee has a very long history, all we need to brew it is just the recipe. So I won’t go deep into the history of Vietnamese Coffee.

After the Vietnam War, the government launched a large-scale coffee production plan which roared high like a mad lion.  Coffee production started to increase in the 1990s. Now Vietnam produces more than 1.73 million tons of coffee a year.

It is almost twice as strong as caffeine and has a rich, long lasting flavor and acidity. Strong aroma and a small number of beans are what makes the Vietnamese Coffee special.

The Vietnamese Coffee condensed milk improvising

Dark and strong with a heavy foam body, the Vietnamese people adapted how the French people delivered the coffee. The French often adds milk, so people continued to cook coffees at the shops with milk in Vietnam.

Though, because of’ the tropical climate, fresh milk would quickly turn sour and make it difficult to drink coffee with that foul taste and smell.

This is how they adopted condensed milk and it was produced locally. It is denser than regular milk and can be stored unopened for a few months, that’s why it was a win-win for everyone and tasted even better.

Copper Cow Coffee California Sweetened Condensed Milk Creamers

Vietnamese coffee guide

Vietnamese coffee is made from fresh coffee beans and condensed milk. The coffee drink is a blend of strong coffee and a soothing taste of condensed milk which makes you feel at home. It creates a sharp contrast between strong bitter coffee and sweet thick milk.

Equipment and Ingredients of Vietnamese Coffee

How is Vietnamese Coffee made? We have got you fixed in the right place!. Till now, it may look that it is just a coffee added to condensed milk; No! We are about to pop your thought bubble and tell you that it requires specific equipment.

 If you think that Vietnamese coffee can be prepared in your kitchen with the usual coffee equipment, then you are wrong.

Every day, 95 million Vietnamese produce coffees. Most of the coffee is then exported and serve in many different countries.

Phin filter is what makes a Vietnamese coffee different. After all, making your Vietnamese coffee in any part of the world with a Phin filter gives you a different vibe. Ready to feel it?

Phin Filter

Vietnamese coffee requires a special filter called Phin. A small brewery consisting of a filter and a small lid is what it’s all about. Usually, they’re made of aluminum and is large enough to fit comfortably in a coffee cup.

How to make Vietnamese Coffee.

All ingredients ready? We have the recipe for you as well; So let’s begin!.

  • Make sure you preheat the cup and that metal filter. For this, you might need to put hot water to warm it up and then discard it.
  • Add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds to the filter and make sure they fit perfectly. Don’t overcrowd the filter and it shouldn’t be loose either.
  • Carefully rotate the filter until it clicks. This prepares it for cooking. Put the inner filter on the ground and press it gently until it makes those crunchy sounds.
  • If there are screws, be sure to tighten the filter carefully. Don’t use too much force!.
  • Next, add condensed milk to your Vietnamese coffee or cup. The amount depends on your taste. It is best to add the milk first after brewing to estimate the amount of coffee more accurately. The original formula also requires adding the milk first in the cup.
  • Once the milk is poured into the cup and finished in the filter, you can finally start making coffee. Pour 30 ml of boiling water and let the coffee brew for 3-5 minutes. While it’s being prepared, you can get your chores done or attend that call or maybe, find your missing socks?
  • Then add the remaining boiling water and put the lid on.
  • The entire brewing process takes 8 to 10 minutes. Stir the condensed milk to melt it in the coffee. It is time to enjoy coffee in the comfort of your home.
Vietnamese coffee guide

In Conclusion.

Vietnamese coffee has two different characteristics of all other types of coffee. It requires condensed milk instead of regular milk. Unlike other coffee makers; this one uses a filtered brewery to produce the best tasting coffee in the Phin filter.

You can never expect the same vibe and taste from anything if it’s not strictly following the guidelines of the Vietnamese style. Enjoy your Vietnamese coffee!.

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