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Health Benefits Of Chicory Coffee

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Published: 14/09/2021

Health Benefits Of Chicory Coffee: 2022 updates

Health Benefits Of Chicory Coffee

Yes, it is that time of the day and you are here reading The health benefits of chicory coffee. We all love drinking water, right? for most people it is because it has no calories.

For a fun fact, coffee has the same power. The power of having no calories is everything. Unless and until you want to top it off with cream, milk, or sugar. It is an episode of your whole day that you start with coffee.

As the whole house gets filled with that smell of heaven and your mouth gets dry to get that caffeine. It all falls right into place.

There are healthy alternatives for almost everyone and we are here to give you something that may help you reduce your caffeine intake and that is Chicory Coffee. I know you have probably heard it before but let’s find out more about it.

Chicory Coffee is a completely caffeine-free, low-acid coffee alternative. It solves the problems people may encounter related to their stomachs (Constipation or upset bowel movements) and sleep patterns (Insomnia).

Sacrificing the taste of caffeine and getting rid of it is hard.  Chicory coffee may be the only option When you are putting your sacrifice on line. This way, you still get the caffeine taste while having a completely caffeine-free drink.

This isn’t it, there is more to find on The health benefits of chicory coffee.  

What Is Chicory Coffee and Health benefits of chicory coffee?

Chicory coffee is a beverage made from roasted and ground roots of the plant Chicorium Intybus after being roasted and crushed.

A white cup of chicory coffee will remind you of coffee and flowers. People have long used chicory as food and medicine. People today have recognized many of the health benefits of chicory coffee and there is still much research to be done in this field.

It is true that Ground chicory is often mixed with coffee to take advantage of both. A caffeinated beverage that tastes as sour as coffee, without the downsides of this stimulant. The ratio of coffee to chicory is mainly 3: 1 or 1: 3.

Health Benefits Of Chicory Coffee

History and Health benefits of chicory coffee

Chicory is an ancient culture of the Egyptians that have been around for over 5,000 years. The first use was medicinal. It is believed to stimulate the liver.

The roots of the plants were always woody and very bitter, so they tasted foul when eaten raw. People started roasting them and used them as a drink in the 17th or 18th century. There are so many health benefits of Chicory coffee but we will only cover few of them in this post.

Chicory as a coffee alternative appeared in France with the Continental Blockade by Napoleon. It was the time when Continental System done by Napoleon against the British happened and left all the Europe without coffee.

As a result, chicory was completely or partially used in place of coffee. During the international coffee crisis, Eastern European countries used chicory as a coffee substitute. Chicory was also mixed with coffee to keep costs down.

Now that we know where it comes from, let’s talk about the real deal. It’s time we dive into The health benefits of chicory coffee.

Health Benefits Of Chicory Coffee

Health Benefits of Chicory Coffee

People think chicory leaves are a good remedy for swelling and inflammation of the eyes and it is indeed true. More and more modern herbalists believe that chicory will further increase the yield.

Help lower your heart rate, lower cholesterol and kill bacteria. The fresh root was said to be useful against pulmonary consumption.

But regardless of the health benefits mentioned above. The lack of sourness and lack of caffeine in chicory is reason enough for many coffee lovers to try chicory coffee.

If you’ve never tried it before, it’s helpful to know the brands to buy, the types of chicory available, and how to choose them. I have selected the 7 best chicory coffees.

If you are going to try Chicory Coffee for the first time or to find out if there is a better brand than the brand you drink, then keep reading.

Community Coffee, Coffee and Chicory

Chicory coffee is more than a grounded bean-like shape. Those who have a single server machine will appreciate the presence of this brand as it offers chicory coffee pods. These products from Community Coffee are available in a k-cup form and can be used in Keurig espresso machines. Chicory mixed with 100% Arabica coffee can bring a brighter and more flavorful aroma. Convenient home packaging and delicious Arabica coffee make this chicory coffee the perfect choice.

New Orleans Roast Coffee & Tea Dark Roast and Chicory

For those who are brave lovers and already know they love the taste of chicory, this New Orleans roasted chicory is for you. Coffee has been scarce since the Civil War, and according to Louisiana tradition, there was a short on coffee supply. So, less caffeine, acidity is the way to go.  The roasted chicory can be all the reminders you need for the love of your coffee. For a starter, it is healthy and has a timeless antique flavor.

Luzianne Coffee & Chicory, Dark Roast

Luzianne will take care of you if you are hooked on coffee and want to get rid of this addiction. That is because it tastes more like coffee, and has a little hint of caffeine too. This premium coffee blend is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are completely roasted to improve the quality of the coffee beans and have a moderate caffeine effect due to the addition of chicory. Paying more attention to taste is just a bright cherry on the cake.

Cafe Du Monde Coffee Chicory Ground

Now we will talk about the early 1880s. The original coffee stand on the French market derived directly from the New Orleans. Chicory tradition was served at Café Du Monde. It’s as classic as Louisiana chicory coffee in a large vintage jar. It is all you need to feel the warmth.

Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory Decaffeinated

Caffeine tastes good but what if you want to still drink this brand but completely caffeine-free? If yes, then this offer at Cafe du Monde is just for you. This is a caffeine-free version of the classic coffee and chicory blend from the famous New Orleans brand. As you can imagine, you may have to sacrifice the strong caffeine flavor. But there is no caffeine at all which is a win-win.

Bru Instant Coffee and Roasted Chicory, 7 Ounce

Busy people, busy life! what is more convenient than instant coffee? Nothing at all. Therefore, it makes sense to use instant coffee with it being chicory. Bru combines top-quality coffee with chicory to create a delicious dark roasted coffee with a dark chicory flavor. Put it in a glass, heat the water, and mix. Chicory coffee is very simple and silky on your palette.

French Market Coffee, Coffee & Chicory

To end it off, this article The health benefits of chicory coffee offers another classic from New Orleans is a perfect blend. Consisting 100% Arabica coffee grounds and delicious plain chicory. French Market Coffee has more than 125 years of production experience and is a medium-brown coffee and chicory blend. Both are roasted enough to increase their sweetness. Caramel aroma and shiny body are the main characteristics of this chicory coffee. What else do you need when you can get something this perfect?


If you are not familiar with chicory but are just curious and need a caffeine-free alternative, try chicory coffee. It’s much tastier than you think. Many people who drink regular coffee without caffeine and acidity issues, like the dark, rich and strong chicory aroma. 

Choose from the brands on offer and see if Chicory Coffee is right for your taste. We are sure it will always be in your lower cabinets for easier reach in your kitchen.

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